Scholarships & Awards

Awards & Scholarships Overview

Association members support promising scholars and reward conscientious professionals with three $1,000 scholarships and two awards. Members nominate their peers and a selection committee presents the awards at our annual conference.

Awards are also presented annually by our affiliate organization, the Research Special Interest Group. Please visit the RSIG awards pages for more details.

Hull-Roeher Award of Merit

This award is given in honour of John Hull and G. Allan Roeher, each of whom made a significant contribution in the field of developmental disabilities within the Province of Ontario.

This award is presented to an individual for outstanding contributions to or special achievements in one or more of the following areas:

  • Education: for promotion of education or training in the field of developmental disabilities
  • Humanitarianism: for promotion of human welfare and/or social reform
  • Research: for advancement of knowledge in the field of developmental disabilities
  • Service: for enhancing services  for individuals with developmental disabilities

OADD Award of Excellence

To be presented to an individual who has contributed significantly to better understanding of, or enhanced well-being of those with developmental disabilities.

Kay Sansom Scholarship

Three awards of $1,000 each and a one-year membership in OADD are available to Ontario students with interests in developmental disabilities. One award is presented in each of three categories:

  • medical and/or graduate students,
  • undergraduate students and
  • community college students.

The Award must be used to pursue a full-time, specific educational goal in a recognized program associated with a professional discipline related to developmental disabilities. It may not be used for travel.


February 1, annually.