OADD – NADD Ontario Scholarships

A maximum of four (4) scholarships per year will be awarded as:

  • Up to two (2) Continuing Education bursaries (maximum of $435 awarded annually)
  • One Student Research Scholarship $1,000 and
  • One Participation Scholarship $1,000

Funding for these scholarships was provided to OADD as a grant from NADD Ontario on its dissolution December 2016; monies from any scholarships not awarded will be returned to the fund and used to continue the scholarship program. Follow the link for full scholarship details

Continuing Education Scholarship

Support for professionals and students working or studying in the field of developmental disabilities to acquire NADD Competency Based Certification Program continuing education credits.

Student Research Scholarship

$1000 to support College or University students in completing a research study or writing a thesis that is focused on intellectual and developmental disabilities co-occurring with mental health needs.

Participation Scholarship

This $1,000 scholarship is intended to support individuals with developmental disabilities, their family members and/or informal supports, to participate in the development and delivery of training and educational materials. Trainings and material to be consistent with NADD Certification and Accreditation program

Requirements for OADD – NADD Ontario Scholarships applications

Only self-nominations will be accepted. A CV or resume and a formal letter must be submitted outlining the following:

  1. applicants’ name, address and email contact
  2. name of scholarship being applied for
  3. specific information on how the scholarship will be used
  4. any additional information as required by the type of scholarship (details)


February 1st (annually)