Developmental Services Special Interest Group

Latest Updates – June 16th, 2021

This group has been working to professionalize the sector and is working on a draft document

Next Steps

  • Communication with MCCSS and PN on what we do and how it fits with many different initiatives including the DS reform.
  • Move to develop a regulatory framework
  • Develop a paper that outlines how professionalism fits with MCCSS DS Reform, PN Core Competencies etc.


To enhance and promote the profession of directly supporting people with a developmental disability.

The DSSIG has been working toward professionalization of the field. The first step of professionalization is the creation of Professional Standards. Please review the Professional Standards which you can access in the link above DSSIG DSW Standards of Practice. Please remember to check this site for further developments.


We envision a time when people directly supporting people with a developmental disability are:

  • respected professionals
  • well educated
  • adequately compensated
  • provided with access to ongoing supports
  • an essential element of an integrated professional network
  • practitioners of a prescribed standard of practice


  • the work of supporting individuals is vital to our society
  • this support is critical to the quality of life of people with a developmental disability
  • people in the profession need ongoing education and training.
  • respect for the profession enhances quality of life for the people supported


  • must be individual members of OADD
  • have an interest in supporting our Mission


Mark Benner,
Fanshawe College, London