Affiliate Organizations

OADD has two Internal Affiliates:

The OADD Research Group (RSIG) and the DSSIG – OADD (Developmental Services Special Interest Group)

These affiliates provide links to research and direct support as part of OADD’s mandate to promote and support knowledge exchange and influence evolution in the field of developmental disabilities.

OADD Research (RSIG ) has a history of supporting academics and students engaged in current research. Their primary objective is to facilitate the dissemination of research findings and knowledge exchange through support of the Journal on Developmental Disabilities (JoDD) and events like the annual RSIG Annual Research conference.

DSSIG – OADD was created to support Direct Support Professionals. The group created a Standards of Practice document and a Code of Ethics that are posted on our website. The group has now branched out to include representatives from other community groups (GLS, OASIS, Provincial Network Human Resources Initiative, Brock University and others) with a mandate to create an association that will support DSP professionalism through education, career path resources and networking.

OADD maintains links in the community

We do this through cross-representation with GLS, OASIS, Community Living Ontario, the Provincial Network and the DS Workforce Initiative of MCCSS. Our past link to NADD-Ontario has resulted in the OADD housing past NADD-Ontario publications (on-line) and administering NADD-Ontario scholarships.

OADD Members represent a broad range of people and agencies in the sector

Members include agencies and individuals throughout Ontario.