Hull Roeher & OADD Awards

Hull-Roeher Award of Merit

This award is given in honour of John Hull and G. Allan Roeher, each of whom made a significant contribution in the field of developmental disabilities within the Province of Ontario.

This award is presented to an individual for outstanding contributions to or special achievements in one or more of the following areas:

Education: for promotion of education or training in the field of developmental disabilities
Humanitarianism: for promotion of human welfare and/or social reform
Research: for advancement of knowledge in the field of developmental disabilities
Service: for enhancing services for individuals with developmental disabilities

OADD Award of Excellence

To be presented to an individual who has contributed significantly to better understanding of, or enhanced well-being of those with developmental disabilities.

Requirements for Hull-Roeher and OADD Awards of Excellence Nominations

  • OADD Membership is not a prerequisite for receiving an award
  • Any member of OADD in good standing may submit a nomination
  • Two other members of OADD in good standing must second the nomination
  • Self-nominations are not permitted
  • Activities of the recipient must have a provincial and / or national and / or international impact
  • No Director or employee of OADD is eligible for the Hull-Roeher Award during his or her time of office or employment

Nominations for the Hull-Roeher and OADD awards must include the following information:

  1. Contact information for person making the nomination, including your professional background
  2. Names of the OADD members supporting the nomination
  3. Contact information for the nominee
  4. The name of the award you are nominating your candidate for, and the reasons for the nomination
  5. A brief 1-2 page biography which includes a list of achievements

Deadline for Nominations:

February 1st (annually)