OADD By-Laws

The By-laws of the Ontario Association on Developmental Disabilities are reviewed annually by the Board of Directors. Changes if needed are presented for approval at the Annual General Meeting. Questions about the By-laws should be directed to the OADD Membership Chair via the OADD office at: oadd@oadd.org or 416-429-3720

At the 2021 OADD Annual General Meeting the Membership approved changes to the by-laws as follows:

Article 6, Membership, Item f) Voting at meetings

Previous wording:

i. sustaining membership – one vote

Approved wording:

i. Individual level memberships – one vote

Through out

Where the phrase: “time and place”  is used

Wording changed to: “time and place or approved virtual platform”

To download a copy of the approved 2021 OADD By-laws 2021 OADD Bylaws April