Sustaining Members

We are indebted to the OADD Sustaining Members for their support and contribution to the association. Student Sustaining members also play a crucial role in the organization. If there is a change or error in a member’s listing, please contact OADD.

All memberships renew annually on May 1st.

Sustaining Members

  • Debra-Lyn Beauchamp
  • Dr. Ivan Brown
  • Dr. Katherine Buell
  • Dr. Rosemary Condillac
  • Steve Finlay
  • Laura Mullins
  • Frances Owen
  • Melissa Sweet

Sustaining Students

  • Taylor Burns
  • Sara Momtaheni
  • Lisa-Lee Newell
  • Analisa Smit
  • Ashley Soucie-Vukmanich
  • Katelyn Sourcie-Vukmanich
  • Vanessa Tomas
  • Kavithanjali Velayudhan
  • Mara Vukosavljevic
  • Sandrice Walker-Beckford
  • Wei Zhang