2017 RSIG Conference

Looking Back; Looking Forward: Celebrating 25 Years of Research

25th Annual Research Day, Friday, April 21st, 2017

Hilton Hotel, Niagara Falls, ON


Full Program (with available abstracts) – click here


Keynote: Looking Back; Looking Forward: Celebrating 25 Years of Research
By Dr. Rosemary Condillac

Symposium 1:

  • Examining the Social Inclusion of Children with Severe DD in Canada by Rebecca Shine, Adreinne Perry, James Bebko
  • Measuring Social Inclusion in Children with Sever DD: Development of The GO4KIDDS Social Inclusion Coding Scheme by Rebecca Shine, Adrienne Perry, James Bebdo, Patricia Minnes, Busisiwe Ncube
  • Examining the Social Inclusion of Children with Sever Developmental Disabilities in School and the Community: A Descriptive Analysis Using Multiple Case Studies by Rebecca Shine, Odette Weiss, Adrienne Perry, Patricia Minnes

Presentation 1:

  • Intensive College Adaptive Skill Training Program for Adults With Intellectual Disabilities by Carmen Hall

Symposium 2:

  • Awareness Regarding Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder and Autism Spectrum Disorder: Perspectives of Medical Professionals in Ontario by Shelley L. Watson, Kelly D. Coons, Golnaz Ghaderi, Celisse Bibr, Nathaniel Davin
  • “There’s Always Less. Less Access, Less Specialists” Northern Ontario Health Care Students’ Perspectives Regarding Access to Care for Individuals with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder by Kelly D. Coons, Shelley L. Watson
  • Ontario Medical Practitioners’ Experiences when Diagnosing Children with ASD by Golnaz Ghaderi, Shelley Watson

Presentation 2:

  • Common Therapeutic Process Factors in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder by Carly S. Albaum, Johanthan A. Weiss


Data Blitz Talks:

  1. When Being Mindful Beats Being Knowledgeable: An Intervention For Parents by Sue Hutton & Yona Lunsky
  2. Mobilizing Compassion: Is That a Thing? by Kerry Boyd
  3. The Provision of Inter-professional Care for Adults with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities in Primary Care: An Embedded, Multiple Case Study by Nicole Bobbette
  4. Audiovisual Integration in Adults: Using a Dynamic Task to Measure Differences in Temporal Binding Windows Across Stimuli by Marie Hooper
  5. Further Evaluation and Development of The Questionnaire for Understanding Pain in Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities: Caregiver Report Revised (QUPID-CR) by Lauren Z. Zaretsky, Lara M. Genik, & C. Meghan McMurtry
  6. Nonverbal Measurement of Metamemory and Its Relationships with Autism Traits by Alex Porthukaran
  7. Practitioner Training Survey: Understanding Needs Related to Physical Activity for People with Physical Disabilities by Alexandra Zidenberg
  8. Correlation Between Seizures, Symptoms of Dementia, and Rectal Picking in a Man with Autism by Aamir Khan
  9. Apex: More that Just Exercise! by Chad Sutherland
  10. A New Approach to Transition Planning for Transitional Aged Youth with Intellectual Disabilities by Katie McKay
  11. From Institutions to Action: An Oral History Exploration of 2 Self-Advocates’ Journeys to Human Rights by Sue Hutton
  12. Caring to Include: A Relational Ethnography of the Everyday Life of People with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities and Their Familial Caregivers by Anna Przednowek


Poster Abstracts:

  1. The Parent Advisor Model For Research Including Parents Of Children With Autism by Jenna B. Jones, Marcia N. Gragg, & Brianne E. Drouillard
  2. Activity Engagement And Barriers To Participation In The Francophone Community by Busisiwe Ncube, James M. Bebko, Suzanne Murphy, Marilyn Thompson, Margaret Spoelstra, & Layne Verbeek
  3. Examining The Activity Participation And Friendships Of Young Children With I/D by Azin Taheri, Adrienne Perry, & Patricia Minnes
  4. 10-Year Follow Up Of Adolescents With Autism Who Received IBI As Young Children by Adrienne Perry & Julie Koudys
  5. Family Quality Of Life When There Is More Than One Child With A Developmental Disability by Alexander Patterson, Rebecca Shine, & Adrienne Perry
  6. The GO4KIDDS School Satisfaction Scale by Meisha Charles, Busisiwe Ncube, & Adrienne Perry
  7. Reducing Rectal Picking In A Man With Autism by Aamir Khan & Mary Konstantareas
  8. Diagnosing Autism Spectrum Disorder: Examining Diagnostic Measures And The Child Variables Associated With The Diagnosis by Jeffrey Esteves, Azin Taheri, Adrienne Perry, & Julie Koudys
  9. Barriers Faced By Parents Of Children With Developmental Disabilities When Accessing Health Care And Disability Services by Melissa Rourke & Adrienne Perry
  10. Evaluation Of The Questionnaire For Understanding Pain In Individuals With Intellectual Disabilities: Item Analysis by Lara M. Genik, Tamlyn Freedman-Kalchman, C. Meghan McMurty, & Lynn M. Breau
  11. Sibling Experiences In Families Of Children With Down Syndrome Or Cystic Fibrosis by Kristina Trandovski & Shelley L. Watson
  12. Changes In Core Cognitive Behavior Therapy Skills After A Brief Behavioral Skills Training Session by Mahfuz Hassan, Joey Robertson, Kendra Thomson, & Jonathan Weiss
  13. A Systematic Review Of Early Intensive Behaviour Intervention And Developmental Intervention Treatment Outcomes For Children With Autism Spectrum Disorder by Sarah Davis, Kendra Thomson, & Kirsten Wirth
  14. Behavioural Skills Training And Tactile Prompting Devices: Evaluation Of A Caregiver Training Intervention To Teach Safety Skills To Children With Autism Spectrum Disorder by Sarah Davis, Emily Brown, & Chelsea Bastasin
  15. The Effects Of Aerobic Exercise On Repetitive Behaviours And Task Performance For Adults With Autism Spectrum Disorder And An Intellectual Disability by Suzanne Ali, Chad Sutherland, Nadia Azar, & Sean Horton
  16. Psychological Functioning And Adaptation Of Children With Autism Spectrum Disorder Transitioning From Early Intervention To School:  A Mixed Methods Approach by Stephanie Price & Veronica Smith
  17. The Next Generation Of Caregivers: What Siblings Of Individuals With Autism Spectrum Disorder Want Us To Know by Marilia Carvalho & Shelley L. Watson
  18. What Women From Ontario Know About The Dangers Of Drinking During The Gestational Period by Alexandra Zidenberg & Shelley L. Watson
  19. Let’s Talk About Sex: A Review Of Sexuality Related Articles In The Journal Of Applied Behaviour Analysis by Rosemary Condillac, Lauren Martell, Rebecca Ensor, & Caitlin Young
  20. Relationship Of Severity Of Behaviour Problems To Impact On Quality Of Life: A Pilot Study by Rosemary Condillac, Meagan Smith, & Whitney Kerr
  21. Changes In Employment Skills And Quality Of Life For Adults With Intellectual And Developmental Disabilities In A Co-Operative Model Of Employment by Lisa Whittingham, Frances Owen, Maureen Connelly, & Danny Tarulli
  22. Improving Practices Of Risk Assessment And Intervention Planning For Persons With Intellectual Disabilities Who Sexually Offend by Jason Keller
  23. Mindfulness Practice In Children With Autism: Characteristic And Therapeutic Correlates by Karen Black, Julia Martini, Paula Tablon, & Jonathan Weiss
  24. Managing The Incessant Mouthing of a Six Year Old Child with ASD by Dalena Anzivina, Mary Konstantareas, Christina Bozzella, & Lisa Kellowan
  25. Bridging Knowledge Gaps: Research Into The Transition Of Individuals With ASD From Youth To Adulthood In Ontario by Sarah Lebensold
  26. Comparison Of Sibling Challenges In Families Of Children With Autism Spectrum Disorder, Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder, And Down Syndrome by Tara Hughes & Shelley L. Watson
  27. The Knowledge And Self-Efficacy Of Health Care Professionals Regarding Autism Spectrum Disorder Across Ontario: A Cross Regional Study by Nathaniel Davin, Shelley L. Watson, Golnaz Ghaderi, & Kelly D. Coons
  28. Knowledge And Advice Of Northern Ontario Medical School Students On The Subject Of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder by Celisse Bibr, Shelley L. Watson, & Kelly D. Coons