Call for OADD Conference Abstracts

2023 Resetting, Reconnecting, Reimagining: A New Way Forward

2023 will be a year for change as we move out of full COVID lockdowns and into a new future.

Two years ago we waited, then pivoted to virtual service provision. We heard about changes coming to the sector through Journey to Belonging but knew it would be a slow, careful process.

One year ago we thought the pandemic was over and considered going back to the way things were but didn’t want to lose the lived experience of service providers, people in the sector and their families about the value of virtual. We were tired and tired of adapting.

Now we know that services can be delivered in a variety of ways, we know more about what the Journey to Belonging will bring and we need to look at ways to move forward. New ways that will support staff and agencies to provide in-person and virtual services, new ways that will safeguard the mental health of staff, people in the sector and their families recognizing the trauma experienced through COVID.


  • Resetting:
    • mental health and well-being
    • employee resilience
    • lived experiences
  • Reconnecting:
    • recruitment and retention
    • employment issues and concerns
    • community/inter-agency connections
  • Reimagining:
    • changes implemented to address Journey to Belonging
    • fee for service (i.e., deciding which programs & why?)
    • new programming for people and families

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Deadline for Submissions: Extended to January 16th, 2023!

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