Call for OADD Conference Abstracts

2022 Collaboration and Change: Moving Towards Tomorrow Together

2022 will be a year for collaboration and change. The past 2 years have seen many changes and we’re not done yet. Service providers and agencies adapted their programs to virtual, back to in-person (with ever-changing restrictions) or on to hybrid models – all while adapting to personal and sector changes. This expereience has led to challenges, successes and unexpected opportunities.

We are looking for presentation abstracts that highlight creative ways to address these challenges. If you or your agency have found a new way to address service delivery, within your program or through collaboration, please consider sharing your lessons learned with others through our virtual conference event.  


  • Mergers and amalgamations (program or agency level)
  • Inter-agency collaboration through innovative support models
  • Changing face of work (remote work, workplace structuring)
  • Creative ideas/strategies to address changes in service provision

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Deadline for Submissions: December 31, 2021

Number of Presenters

Presentations should have a minimum of two and maximum of 4 presenters. Presentations will run consecutively

How to Submit an Abstract?

Forms are available for download:

Completed forms should be emailed to