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Journal on Developmental Disabilities

The Journal on Developmental Disabilities is a peer-reviewed journal with a growing regional and international readership.

Volume 10, Number 1 – General Issue


Living and Aging with a Developmental Disability: Perspectives of Individuals, Family Members and Service Providers
Penny Salvatori, Mary Tremblay, and Joyce Tryssenaar

Predictive Validity of Auditory Discriminations in Persons with Intellectual Disabilities: Extending the ABLA Test
Tricia Vause, Shayla M. Harapiak, Garry L. Martin, and C.T. Yu

Hope in Families of Children with Developmental Disabilities
Shabana Kausar, Ronna, F. Jevne, and Dick Sobsey


Brief Reports

Teaching Language to a Two-Year-Old with Autism
Shiri Bartman and Nancy Freeman

Community Women's Circle: A Partnership Program Developed to Connect and Serve Homeless, Poor and Socially Marginalized Women with Developmental Disabilities
Cheryl Bedard, Caroll Drummond, Josie Ricciardi, and Fiona Husband

Maltreatment and Life Stressors in Single Mothers Who Have Children with Developmental Delay
Ivan Brown and Ann Fudge Schormans

Depression, Temperament and their Relationship to Other Characteristics in Children with Asperger's Disorder
Bethany Butzer and M. Mary Konstantareas

Successful Aging of Women with Intellectual Disabilities: The Toronto Experience
Maaike Canrinus and Yona Lunsky

Dual Diagnosis and Access to Services
Yee Hong Chia and Yona Lunsky

Negotiating Power Inequities in Caregiving Relationships
Pamela J. Cushing

Evaluation of a Short-term Service for Children and Youth with Developmental Disabilities
Barry Isaacs and Alison Ling

Aggression as a Symptom of Mood Destabilization in Pervasive Developmental Disorders
Anna M. Palucka, Nadine Nyhus, and Yona Lunsky

Quality of Life for Children with Developmental Disabilities: A New Conceptual Framework
Rebecca Renwick, Ann Fudge Schormans, and Buga Zekovic

Integration of Children with Developmental Disabilities in Social Activities
Abbie Solish, Patricia Minnes and Anthony Kupferschmidt

Hearing Impairment in Adults with Pervasive Developmental Disorders
Kevin P. Stoddart, Chris McColl, Catherine Lowe, and Valerie Temple

Parent stress and adaptive functioning of individuals with developmental disabilities
Jonathan A. Weiss, April Sullivan, and Terry Diamond

Tangibles, Pictures, and Verbal Descriptions: Which Should Be Used in Choice Presentations?
C.T. Yu and Garry L. Martin

Prenatal Attachment, Empathy, and Cognitive Adaptation to Pregnancy Subsequent to Having a Child with Down Syndrome
Anona Zimerman

Program Evaluation of a Behaviour Therapy Group for Parents of Children with Developmental Disabilities Ages Four to Seven
Anona Zimerman and Michele Popynick

Educating Educators About Acquired Brain Injury: A Program Description
Dawn Zinga, Sheila Bennett, Dawn Good, and John Kumpf