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Journal on Developmental Disabilities

The Journal on Developmental Disabilities is a peer-reviewed journal with a growing regional and international readership.

Volume 3, Number 1 – Work and Play / Travail et loisirs

Table of Contents

Editorial: Should Persons with Developmental Disabilities Participate in the Workforce?

Work and Leisure: Paradoxes and Dilemmas for People with Developmental Disabilities

Life, Liberty and Choices: A Commentary of Leisure’s Values in Life

Workplaces that Work: Successful Employment for People with Developmental Disabilities

The Therapeutic Use of Play, Recreation and Leisure for Children with Autism and Developmental Disorders

Classification of Educational Models for Students with Moderate to Severe Disabilities

Analysis of the Parent Outreach Program

Book Review: Sexuality and People with Intellectual Disability

Critique literaire: Le handicap dit mental : le fait social, le diagnostic, le traitement.