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Journal on Developmental Disabilities

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Volume 3, Number 2 – Promoting Quality / Promourvoir la qualité

Table of Contents

Editorial: Promoting Quality Within Service Delivery Systems

Promoting Quality through Quality Enhancement Techniques and Outcome-based Evaluation

Evaluating Quality of Life: The Development of the Quality of Life Interview Schedule (QUOLIS)

Quality of Life: Linking a Conceptual Approach to Service Provision

A Social Context for Understanding Quality of Life

A Multivariate Investigative Study of the Correlates of Quality of Life

Persons with Developmental Disabilities Who Have AIDS: What Are the attitudes of Those Employed in the Field?

An Evaluation of Inservice Training in Communication Issues

An Acculturation Perspective on Deinstitutionalization and Service Delivery

Book Review: Perspectives on Disability

Book Review: Self-Injurious Behaviors Diagnosis and Treatment

Film Review: Forrest Gump

Film Review: Henry & Verlin

Video Review: An Introduction to the Assessment and Treatment of Intellectually Disabled Sexual Offenders