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Journal on Developmental Disabilities

The Journal on Developmental Disabilities is a peer-reviewed journal with a growing regional and international readership.

Volume 4, Number 1 – Focus on History of Disabilities

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Table of Contents

Editorial: Reflecting on the History of Developmental Disabilities

From Charity and Exclusion to Emerging Independence: An Introduction to the History of Disabilities

Architecture’s Quest For Sanity

Linking Mental Defect to Physical Deformity: The Case of Crippled Children in Ontario: 1890-1940

Broca’s “Discovery” of Brain Localization in Aphasia

The Eugenic Legacy

Bureaucracy And Ideology: A Case Study of the Development of Community Living Policy in Ontario in the 1970s

Film Reviews: Dumb and Dumber and Nell

Book Reviews: Inventing the Feeble Mind and Autonomy and Social Policy