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Volume 5, Number 2 – General Issue

Table of Contents

Special Issue on Quality of Life


Maurice Feldman


Understanding What We Mean By Quality Of Life

Ivan Brown


The Conceptualization and Measurement of Quality of Life: Current Status and Future Considerations
Robert L. Schalock

Quality of Life – Challenges and Dilemmas
Roy Brown

Quality of Life For People With Developmental Disabilities: Clinican and Caregiver Perspectives
Sheila Hollins

Quality of Life of Persons With Developmental Disabilities: Five Issues Concerning Its Nature and Measurement
Dennis Rapheal

The Family Stress and Support Questionnaire: Focusing on the Needs of the Parents
Patricia Minnes and Jennifer S. Nachshen

Assessing Quality of Life In Persons With Neurocognitive Deficits And Chronic Mental Illness: Lessons From A Non-Disability Study
Ronald J. Heslegrave, A. George Awad, and Lakshmi N.P. Voruganti

Measuring Quality of Life of Adults with Spinal Cord Injuries: Lessons for Developmental Disablities Research
Kathryn A. Boschen

Enhancing the Quality of Life of People with Dual Diagnosis: The Power of Art Education
Nehama T. Baum

The Power of Friendship
Alison Baxter

Family-Run Group Care: A Quality of Life Success Story
Jaki McKinnon

Resource Review

Book Review: Robert L. Schalock (Ed.) Quality of Life, Volume 1: Conceptualization and Measurement
Sharon Borthwick-Duffy

Film Review: Sling Blade
Ivan Brown


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