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Journal on Developmental Disabilities

The Journal on Developmental Disabilities is a peer-reviewed journal with a growing regional and international readership.

Volume 7, Number 1 – General Issue

Table of Contents

Editorial: The Importance of Sexuality in Developmental Disabilities
Gender, Disability Status and Risk for Sexual Abuse in Children
Wade Randall, Rauno Parrila & Dick Sobsey
Changing Attitudes Towards the Nature of Socio-Sexual Assessment and Education for Persons with Developmental Disabilities: A Twenty Year Comparison
Dorothy M. Griffiths and Yona Lunsky
Perceptions of Acceptable Boundaries by Persons with Developmental Disabilities and Their Careproviders
Frances A. Owen, Dorothy M. Griffiths, Maurice A. Feldman, Carol A. Sales and Deborah A. Richards
Treatment of Paraphilias in People with Developmental Disabilities
J. Paul Fedoroff
Are Anatomically Detailed Dolls and Drawings Appropriate Tools for Use with Adults with Developmental Disabilities? A Preliminary Investigation
Yona Lunsky and Betsey A. Benson
Interacting with the Legal System Regarding a Sexual Offence: Cognitive and Social Considerations for Persons with a Developmental Disability
Dorothy Griffiths and Zopito Marini
The Ontario Sexuality and Developmental Disability Network
Deb Snell van Noort
News from the Thin Edge of the Wedge: Sexual Expression in People with Developmental Disabilities: Real Life Trends from the Field
Glen Walker
Guidelines and Practices to Reporting a Sexual Assault for People Who Have a Developmental Disability
Debbie Richards, Shelley Watson and Randy Bleich
Book Reviews
Dorothy Griffiths