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Journal on Developmental Disabilities

The Journal on Developmental Disabilities is a peer-reviewed journal with a growing regional and international readership.

Volume 8, Number 1 – General Issue

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Table of Contents

Thinking About Research within a Logic Model Framework with Quality of Life as a Long-term Outcome
Barry Isaacs and Kristine Ericson


The Prevalence of Developmental Disabilities in Lanark County, Ontario
Hélène Ouellette-Kuntz and Dana Paquette

Prader-Willi syndrome I: A literature review of the genetic causes and physical characteristics
Maria Medved and Maire Percy

Prader-Willi syndrome II: A literature review of behavioural and neuropsychological characteristics
Maria Medved and Maire Percy

Falls Among Persons Who Have Developmental Disabilities in Institutional and Group Home Settings
Heather J. Grant, William Pickett, Miu Lam, Michael O’Connor, and Hélène Ouellette-Kuntz

Assessing Dementia of the Alzheimer Type in People with Down Syndrome
Oded Friedman and Ivan Brown

The Parent Advocacy Scale: Measuring Advocacy in Parents of Children with Special Needs
Jennifer Nachshen, Leah Anderson and John Jamieson

A Tale of Two Sisters: Quality of Life Within Two Systems
Robert J. King and Robert Barnett

Catalysts for Education in Developmental Disabilities: Interim Report
Bruce D. McCreary