JoDD Overview

ISSN: 118-9136

OADD publishes the Journal to foster and promote thoughtful and critical dialogue about relevant issues in the field of developmental disabilities, including those broader social issues that impact on persons with developmental disabilities.

The Journal on Developmental Disabilities addresses an international audience and international concerns. However, it is the only English language academic journal published in Canada in the field of developmental disabilities, and thus also highlights Canadian trends and research.

Journal On-line Access

Current Issues – On-line versions of the recent issues of the journal may be downloaded for free in pdf format. The table of contents, editorials, and abstracts for each article, are also posted in html.

Articles In Press – As articles are reviewed and accepted for publication, they may be posted in PDF format as “In Press” version. Once they have undergone final revisions and all material for an issue has undergone final editing, the issue is posted as “published”.

Past Issues – Past issues of the printed volumes have been posted in PDF format (if available) and may be downloaded by all visitors to the site. Some issues can only be purchased in bound and printed editions. We will continue to offer printed editions of all past issues while quantities last.

Abstracts from articles contained in the Journal on Developmental Disabilities may also be found in the PsycINFO database.

Download policy – Full articles or parts of articles may be downloaded from this website and used for educational purposes, including using articles in college and university classes or as part of course reading packages, without written permission. Written permission is required from OADD for all other purposes.

Reprint policy – Parts of articles may be used, without written permission, by article author(s) in other publications (print, electronic, and other) written by the same author(s) provided that the author(s) use the following wording:

Reprinted with permission from the Journal on Developmental Disabilities, year, vol. __, no. __, pages __-__.

Written permission is required from OADD to reprint full articles.