Recipients 1999

OADD Awards & Scholarship Recipients – 1999

Hull-Roeher Award Of Merit

For a significant contribution in the field of developmental disabilities in Ontario.

Dr. Brian Hennen
Brian Hennen is professor and chair of Family Medicine at the University of Western Ontario in London. In July 1999 he will begin his duties as Dean of Medicine at the University of Manitoba. Dr. Hennen has been a member of the Advisory Board of the Developmental Disabilities Program at UWO since its beginning. He is highly respected, and has travelled widely, held several visiting professorships, and participated in numerous scholarly and professional activities. He is described as a remarkable family physician who believes that developmental disabilities health information should be a regular part of the training of family physicians.


Staff Recognition Award

The staff recognition award is presented to an employee of an organization who has contributed significantly to a better understanding of people with developmental disabilities.

John Haupt
John Haupt is an employee of Catulpa Tamarac in Orillia where he has worked as an APSW since 1978. He has been involved in many professional and community activities over the years, including helping to develop a Consumer Resource Centre. He is highly respected throughout Simcoe County. John?s peers say that he exemplifies the true meaning of humanity, always trusting in the goodness of people, respecting their right for privacy, and willing to serve those who have been disadvantaged.


Achievement Award

For heightening awareness of the potential of individuals with developmental disabilities, through personal efforts and example.

Margrit Choy
Margrit Choy has been coordinator of Special Olympics activities in Kingston since 1991. She has been involved with a large number of families and individuals with developmental disabilities. She also has a daughter with Down syndrome. Margrit’s boundless energy, positive attitude, and the many fruits of her labour have made an outstanding contribution to the community.


Professional Recognition Award (posthumous)

This award is presented to an individual who, through professional activities, has contributed significantly to integration of people with disabilities.

Jean Moore
Jean Moore had a physical disability and health difficulties since age 14. She earned a degree in sociology from Queen?s University, ran an employment agency for people with disabilities, worked as a personnel officer for OHIP, and ran her own business. Her work of integrating children with and without disabilities in camp experiences in the 1970s illustrated her dedication to the principle of integration for people with developmental disabilities. Jean?s work with many aspects of disability changed the lives of a great many people.


Kay Sansom Scholarships

Jason Seguin – College student
Jason Seguin is in the DSW program at St. Clair College in Chatham. His personal experience with people with special needs has led him to respect the dignity of people with disabilities. He has worked at Southwestern Region Centre for several summers, and has a particular interest in seniors.

Elizabeth Austin-Olsen – Undergraduate student
Elizabeth Austin-Olsen is in her second year of social work at King’s College, affiliated with the University of Western Ontario in London. She is also the mother of a son who has a developmental disability. Elizabeth plans to continue contributing to children and families with special needs.

Jenny Demark – Graduate student
Jenny Demark is a Ph.D. candidate in clinical-developmental psychology at York University in Toronto. She has also studied developmental psychology at McMaster and Queens Universities. Her doctoral research will investigate relationships between Autism and Fragile X syndrome.