Recipients 2001

OADD Awards & Scholarship Recipients – 2001

Professional Recognition Award

OADD’s Professional Recognition Award is presented to an individual who, through his/her professional interaction with individuals with developmental disabilities, has contributed significantly to their integration within the community.

David Hingsburger


Media Award

For heightening public awareness of the potential and achievements of individuals with developmental disabilities.

The Kitchener-Waterloo Herald


Directors’ Awards of Excellence

For OADD members who have made, or are making, a very substantial and extensive contribution to the direction, leadership and promotion of OADD.

Ivan Brown
Ivan Brown began his association with OADD in 1991 as a member of the Publications Committee. He was a contributor and editor of BrOADDcast and in 1992 became the first editor of OADD?s Journal on Developmental Disabilities. Ivan joined the Board of Directors in 1993 and served as the Chair of the Publications, and Communications Committees. In 1996, Ivan became Chair of OADD and was the first Chair to serve a two year term. Ivan served as Past-Chair the following two years. Ivan makes ongoing contributions to OADD through his involvement with the journal.


Kay Sansom Scholarships

The awards, one each at the college, university undergraduate, and university graduate level, are granted to individuals who have a proven interest in the field. As such, the award must be used to pursue full time study in a recognized program associated with a professional discipline related to developmental disabilities.

Ashlie Hawkins – College student
Ashlie is a young, motivated student entering her first year of university to pursue a psychology degree. In spite of her age, she has volunteered extensively with young people, more specifically, with persons with Developmental Disabilities. After meeting her educational goals, she plans to work in the field of Developmental Disabilities focusing on her interest in Autism.

Barbara Dillon – Undergraduate student
Barbara has dedicated many years volunteering and working with vulnerable persons in her community, including those with Developmental Disabilities. She is raising her family while working two part-time jobs and attending College. Ms. Dillon is entering her second year of the Developmental Services Worker Program at Algonquin College and intends to continue her work on completion of her program.

Buga Zekovic – Graduate student
Buga currently attends the Graduate Department of Rehabilitation Science, University of Toronto on a U of T Open Fellowship International Recruitment Award. She received her undergraduate in Zegreb, Croatia where she received several awards for her educational achievements, including a six- month scholarship to attend Bolton Institute in the United Kingdom. Ms. Zekovic has demonstrated her commitment to persons with Developmental Disabilities through her volunteering, education, and research focusing on de- institutionalization , quality of life, public policy and the inclusion of persons with Developmental Disabilities in our communities, here, in the United Kingdom and more extensively, in Croatia.