Recipients 2006

OADD Awards & Scholarship Recipients – 2006

Staff Recognition Award

OADD’s Staff Recognition Award is presented to an individual who is employed by an agency funded to provide services to those with developmental disabilities who, as a professional, has contributed significantly to better understanding of, or enhanced the well being of, those with developmental disabilities.

Vicky Pearson
Vicky has been employed with Community Living London for the past 16 years. Vicky has dedicated her career to assisting people to live as independently as they can in their home community. She has also taken on a lead staff role in assisting with the development of our self advocates group, New Visions. New Visions has played an active role in our community and they have managed to do this through the commitment and dedication Vicky brings to her role.


Professional Recognition Award

OADD’s Professional Recognition Award is presented to an individual who, through his/her professional interaction with individuals with developmental disabilities, has contributed significantly to their integration within the community.

Dr. Robert Carey
Dr. Bob as he is known brings professionalism, knowledge, and expertise in providing clinical supports to people with a dual diagnosis that is second to none. His charismatic air and calm influence attracts staff to support him and his recommendations whole heartedly Dr. Bob easily establishes an interactive relationship with staff, fosters open honest communication, which results in team success. He gives credit where credit is due. People work hard to please Dr. Bob, purely out of respect for the man.


Directors’ Awards of Excellence

For OADD members who have made, or are making, a very substantial and extensive contribution to the direction, leadership and promotion of OADD.

Bernard M. Travis


Achievement Awards

To be presented to an individual in Ontario who, through his or her efforts and example has heightened the awareness of the community to the potential of individuals with developmental disabilities.

Elizabeth Bloomfield
Elizabeth Bloomfield is nominated for the Achievement Award for her tireless efforts in promoting the advancement of knowledge of autism spectrum disorder. Dr. Elizabeth Bloomfield and her husband, Dr. Gerald Bloomfield, are the proud parents of a young man with autism. Shortly after his diagnosis at age 4, they began working with the Ontario Society for Autistic Children, Gerald becoming a member of the founding Board of Directors in 1973.

Jason Paonessa
Jason is a thirty year old man who is supported through Community Living Fort Erie. Jason is a very enthusiastic, kind, thoughtful and hardworking young man. Jay was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy at birth, but has not let what some may view as a barrier stop him from accomplishing all his life goals. Jason has found many ways to overcome barriers. Jay has made himself a personal role model and example for others.


Kay Sansom Scholarships

The awards, one each at the college, university undergraduate, and university graduate level, are granted to individuals who have a proven interest in the field. As such, the award must be used to pursue full time study in a recognized program associated with a professional discipline related to developmental disabilities.

Clara D. Smith – College Award
Clara is currently in the DSW program at St Clair College, Chatham Campus and plans to work as educational assistant in her local school when she graduates. Clara is a caring and compassionate resource and positive advocate for her daughter, and to other parents and children in the field. She serves as a volunteer on the parent advisory committee to her local centre helping persons with Developmental Disabilities. Clara has helped identify program needs, and plan and organize projects related to the recreation and relaxation needs of clients, parents and families where she lives. Clara is described as always optimistic, energetic and a positive advocate. Her goal is to create a centre that fosters empowerment of parents to advocate on behalf of their children and enables them to better care for their children through group support and education.

Stacey L. Munro – Undergraduate Award
Stacey is a DSW graduate and is currently in the second year of the Disability Studies Bachelors Program at Ryerson University. She has worked as a Community Assistant and Youth Involvement Facilitator with Community Living Kingston since May of 2004. Stacey has shown her commitment to people with Developmental Disabilities by volunteering and furthering her education and advocacy role. She has demonstrated her ability to support people with Developmental Disabilities to become empowered as full community participants as evidenced by the families who sent glowing and heartfelt letters of support. Stacey has received other Awards from St. Lawrence College from her peers, from Community Living Kingston and from Ryerson University, all citing her demonstrated commitment, caring attitude, high level of achievement, and openness to new ideas in the field of disability studies.

Tessen Clifford – Graduate Award
Tessen is currently in the Masters Program in Clinical Psychology at Queen?s University having previously graduated with an Honours degree in Developmental Psychology at McMaster University. Tessen’s work experience and volunteerism with persons with Developmental Disabilities, academic achievements, and awards are testament to her commitment. Her publications and research to date is evidence of her considerable potential as a scientist practitioner and she is seen to have much to contribute to the field of Developmental Disabilities. Tessen’s area of interest is in diagnosis, assessment and intervention in persons with Developmental Disabilities, preschool aged children, and the experience of families of children with Developmental Disabilities.