Recipients 2008

OADD Awards & Scholarship Recipients – 2008

Staff Recognition Award

OADD’s Staff Recognition Award is presented to an individual who is employed by an agency funded to provide services to those with developmental disabilities who, as a professional, has contributed significantly to better understanding of, or enhanced the well being of, those with developmental disabilities.

Greg Bechard, Laurie Thomson, Cheryl McTaggart, Carole Vandervoort

Six years ago Carole Vandervoort approached Greg Bechard of the Elmira and District Association for Community Living with the idea of providing a grou of adults with developmental challenges an opportunity to live and work in Northern Ireland for a month. Greg was able to provide support and fundraising dedicating the time needed by Laurie Thomson and Cheryl McTaggart to work on the project.


Achievement Awards
To be presented to an individual in Ontario who, through his or her efforts and example has heightened the awareness of the community to the potential of individuals with developmental disabilities.

Frances MacNeil

In 1999 Frances MacNeil began a journey to bring a new and innovative way of introducing the concepts of inclusion to children in their classrooms. Along with a team of professionals including staff from Community Living Toronto, Toronto Parks and Recreation, the Toronto District School Board and a parent of a child who has an intellectual disability, Frances began to design a game that would engage youth in discussions about being open minded and inclusive of people with differences.


Kay Sansom Scholarships
The awards, one each at the college, university undergraduate, and university graduate level, are granted to individuals who have a proven interest in the field. As such, the award must be used to pursue full time study in a recognized program associated with a professional discipline related to developmental disabilities.

Krista Forde – College Award
Krista Forde is currently enrolled at Algonquin College in Ottawa studying Social Work, graduating in Spring this year. Krista has shown her dedication to persons with Developmental Disabilities through her volunteer work, SSAH and relief work for families, and has a true understanding of the potential and sense of advocacy that typically is shared by a sibling of a person with Developmental Disabilities.
Krista’s goal is to continue to direct her schooling beyond this program to university to focus on children with Developmental Disabilities. Krista is passionate about her work and her goals in the field of Developmental Disabilities and is a deserving recipient of this award

Vicki Lopes – Graduate Award
Vicki has already contributed a great deal to the field of developmental disabilities through her work with Dr. Joel Hundert in Toronto conducting intensive behavioural interventions with children with autism and working with their parents, participating in the CIHR/NAAR Autism Training Program as well as co-authoring publications in the Journal on Developmental Disabilities and the Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders.

Vicki is currently a second year master’s student in the Clinical Psychology program at Queen’s University. For her master’s thesis she is investigating the experiences of preschool children with and without developmental disabilities and their families as the children make the transition from preschool to elementary school. Ryan’s goal is to complete her Bachelor Degree and continue to support and work with persons with Developmental Disabilities.

Lisa Maire – Graduate Award
Lisa is currently a student in the Master of Arts in Applied Disabilities Studies at Brock University. Lisa has a deep compassion and commitment to persons with developmental disabilities. She is currently engaged in research under the supervision of Dr. Rosemary Condillac on Functional Behaviour Assessment. On completion of her degree Lisa hopes to become a Board certified Behaviour Analyst and work in the field of developmental disabilities. Lisa feels that by combining research and practice she will be able to enhance the quality of life of individuals with developmental disabilities