Recipients 2010

OADD Awards & Scholarship Recipients – 2010

Hull-Roeher Award of Merit
Presented in honour of John Hull and G. Alan Roeher to an individual who has made an outstanding contribution, or special achievement in the area(s) of education, humanitarianism, research or service for those with developmental disabilities

Dr. Michael Bach

Michael Bach is the Executive Vice-President of the Canadian Association for Community Living (CACL), a national advocacy organization to advance the human rights and inclusion of people with intellectual disabilities and their familes. CACL is a federation of over 400 local associations for community living, and 13 provincial/territorial associations. For a number of years, Dr. Michael Bach was Director of Research and Vice President at The Roeher Institute, a national institute for research on disability, public policy and human rights. Michael has undertaken research and development on disability and human rights both nationally and internationally (Central and South America, the Caribbean, European Community, India) on a wide range of public policy issues – funding for disability-related supports, labour force inclusion, literacy and education, children’s and family issues, shifting to an indvidualized funding model for supports, guidelines for inclusive programs and services. He has completed numerous professional reports and research studies and published articles, chapters, and books in the area of disability and public policy. He has spoken at conferences nationally and internationally on wide-ranging issues in the field. Michael Bach holds a Ph.D. in Sociology and Equity Studies from the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, of the University of Toronto.


OADD Award of Excellence
To be presented to an individual who has contributed significantly to better understanding of, or enhanced the quality of life for, those with developmental disabilities.

Dr. Glenn Rampton

Dr. Glenn Rampton’s leadership has, since 1993 made significant contributions to the provision of innovative services in the disability sector. As Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Clinical Director of Kerry’s Place Autism Services since 2001, Glenn has implemented a new vision, mission and strategic plan. The organization is the largest provider of a broad range of supports and services to individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder in Southern Ontario. Glenn brought to Kerry’s Place a bio-psychocosial model, a continuum of supports, and the use of Personal Outcome Measures so that the people supported are continually improving their Quality of Life. The latest development at Kerry’s Place is a research base of “best practices” along the continuum of support for sharing with others to build community capacity.

As CEO of Community Living Algoma from 1993 to 2001, Glenn led the amalgamation of supports and services from five separate social services, education or health agencies into one. The organization served more than twelve hundred individuals and their families across the district of Algoma through clinical, residential, vocational, recreational, advocacy, and community development programmes.

Glenn has had a successful and diverse career contributing to organizations in the fields of Psychology, Human REsources and Management. He has worked for the Canadian Armed Forces, Canada Post, the Pulp and Paper Research Institutes of Canada and York University. Glenn has a Ph.D. in Organization Psychology from York University, a MSc. in Psychology from the University of Calgary and a BSc. from the University of Manitoba. He has published four books, more than 40 articles and given numerous presentations to professional groups locally and internationally.

Thirty-seven years as the parent of a daughter, who lives with the challenges of a dual diagnosis has ensured Glenn has emplathy for the families he works with. Glenn has also contributed as a volunteer serving on the Board of Governors for Algoma University College, Chairing the Board of DIrectors of the Ottawa and Carleton Association for the Mentally Retarded and as a board member of the York South Association for Community Living.


Kay Sansom Scholarships
3 Graduate Students received Kay Sansom Scholarships this year from the qualifying applicants. Each will receive $1,000.00 a certificate and free OADD sustaining membership. Typically there is 1 recipient from each of the following applicant categories: College, Undergraduate and Graduate.

Graduate Award Recipients:

Heather Brown, Ph.D. Candidate, M.Ed., B.Ed., B.A.
Heather is currently pursuing her Doctorate of Health and Rehabilitation Science, Speech and Language Sciences, at the University of Western Ontario, London. Her focus of research is on persons with high functioning autism spectrum disorders and their cognition, language/communication skills with an emphasis on the understanding of their written skills. The findings will enable educators, speech-language pathologists and the greater professionl field in how we develop individualized interventions for this population.
Heather is described by her referees as an exceptional researcher, drvien, articulate, remarkable, as well as able to balance the rigors of a full time graduate student with parenthood, volunteerism and research assistant work on several projects. Having been diagnosised with Asperger Syndrome has only driven Heather to turn her passion into a carrer path. She has offered much to other indivudals with AS, familiesm and to the psychological field to date with her volunteerism, invited talks, peer reviewed posters and current researcdh publications (under review). Ms Brown was recognized by OADD RSIG in 2009 as the RSIG Student Awarded for her excellence in Research in the area of Developmental Disabilities. Shje has received many accolades and scholarships for her academic achievement and research in the area of special needs education and is truly deservinf of this scholarship.

Jennifer MacDonald, B.A. (Honours), B. Sc.
Jennifer is currently enrolled in the Master of Arts degree program in the Clinical-Developmental Psychology Masters Program at York University. Her focus of research is in investigating the subjective experience of crisis in parents caring for a choild with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). This research will have vital implications for families in regard to evidence-based recommendations for crisis prevention and timely interventions. Jennifer’s goal is to obtain a doctorate at York and pursue a career in the field of autism and developmental disabilities focusing on prevention and treatment of mental health problems in families of children with DD and ASD. Jennifer is involved in many programs and projects as well as volunteering including the ASD Mentorship Program and Faculty of Health DD Educational content evaluation at York U, as well as research at the Maltreatment and Adolescent Pathways (MAP) Project comparing youth with and without Intellectual Disabilities and thier resilience to maltreatment. Ms MacMullin has received multiple Scholarships, Honours and Awards throughtout her educational career. She has presented posters and papers at related conference. Jennifer’s research, volunteerism and work has focussed on persons with autism, developmental disabilities, literacy, and mental health evaluation and prevention. A referee said ” I expect Jennifer will not only succeed in her future studies, but that she will excel.”

Mackenzie Salt, B.A. (Honours)
Mackenzie Salt is currently pursuing his Master of Arts in Linguistics at the University of Western Ontario. His Masters research is described as “bracingly original and of singular importance” by one of his referees, the Professor of Philosophy and Associate Dean of research at UWO. The research will look for evidence as to whether currently identified communication impairments associated with persons with ASD’s when conversing with neurotypical individuals, are, in fact, present in conversations bvetween individuals with ASD. This research will assist in the understanding  of the pragmatic abilities and perceived communication deficits/abilities of persons with ASD. Mackenzie’s educational goal is to obtain his Ph.D. in Theoretical Linguistics and continue his research through an academic career at a Canadian University. Mr. Salt has completed his University Teaching and Learning Certificate in Anticipation of this role in his very bright future. Mackenzie has received academic awards and has been instrumental in influencing other students through his Linguistic talks and as a teachers’ assistant work at the university. Congratulations Mackenzie.