Recipients 2019

OADD Awards & Scholarship Recipients – 2019


Hull-Roeher Award of Merit

Presented in honour of John Hull and G. Alan Roeher to an individual who has made an outstanding contribution, or special achievement in the area(s) of education, humanitarianism, research or service for those with developmental disabilities.

Dr. Richard Meen
Dr. Meen was a Psychiatric Consultant for Community Living Toronto from March 2013 to November 2018. He was a trusted clinical advisor, a member of the Clinical Capacity Working Group, a family counsellor and mediator, member of the Case Conference Committee and played a key clinical role in the operation of the Specialized Resource Homes for children and adults with autism spectrum disorders and complex behaviours. He also delivered specialized in-service training to our staff teams and performed the role of mediator to facilitate positive relationships between families and staff teams.
Time and time again, Dr. Meen demonstrated that he was a one-of-a kind person, willing to go above and beyond for people in service and their families. Dr. Meen took a person’s entire situation into account, looking at their medications, mental and physical health, social and recreational context, financial status, family members, day-to-day schedule, support staff, and physical environments (their homes, workplaces, day programs, or other places they frequented). He had a way of communicating with families that put them at ease.
Dr. Meen’s contributions in the promotion of education in the field of developmental disabilities and in enhancing services for individuals with developmental disabilities make him worthy of this prestigious honour


OADD Award of Excellence

To be presented to an individual who has contributed significantly to better understanding of, or enhanced the quality of life for, those with developmental disabilities.

The OADD Award of Excellence was not awarded in 2019


Kay Sansom Scholarships

3 Graduate Students received Kay Sansom Scholarships this year from the qualifying applicants. Each will receive $1,000.00 a certificate and free OADD sustaining membership. Typically there is 1 recipient from each of the following applicant categories: College, Undergraduate and Graduate.

Joanne Durocher  –  College Level Scholarship
Joanne is in the second year of the DSW program at Fleming College. She has three children on the autism spectrum and this experience has given her a unique understanding of the challenges facing families.
Joanne hopes to pass on what she learned to others and improve upon her skills to promote awareness and advocacy. Joanne hopes to find employment and continue volunteering in the community once she has finished her diploma.

Kailee Liesemer  –  Undergraduate Level Scholarship
Kailee is currently attending Western University, completing an Honors Specialization degree in Psychology with a Minor in Sociology. Her undergraduate thesis project examines neural and behavioral measures of statistical learning to predict a range of language and reading abilities in children, including those with language and reading impairment (e.g. developmental dyslexia).
While pursuing her degree, she has continued to work and volunteer with individuals who have developmental disabilities.
After completing her undergraduate degree, Kailee hopes to pursue a graduate degree and be accepted into a master’s program for School and Applied Child Psychology. Ultimately, her hope is to work as a Psychological Associate or School Psychologist.

Alicia Groom  –  Graduate Level Scholarship
Alicia is in her first year of a Masters of Arts in Interdisciplinary Health at Laurentian University having previously completed a Bachelor of Science with an Honours Specialization in Psychology with a minor in Health and Disability at Laurentian. Alicia’s personal experiences have strengthened her interest in Healthcare and underserviced populations.
Once she completes her Masters, Alicia plans to apply to a combined Master/PhD programs in Clinical Psychology, as well as the Northern Ontario School of Medicine. She is passionate about the healthcare field and aspires to provide support to individuals with disabilities to help them achieve their own goals. Alicia would like to become a Clinical Psychologist or a Family physician providing quality and accessible healthcare to patients.


NADD-OADD Scholarships

The OADD received one-time funding from NADD Ontario on its’ dissolution December 2016 to provide 3 new scholarships for people working and studying in the field of developmental disabilities. There are a maximum of four (4) scholarships awarded per year as:

  • Up to two (2) Continuing Education bursaries (maximum of $435 awarded annually)
  • One Student Research Scholarship $1,000 and
  • One Participation Scholarship $1,000

Caitlin Gallant – Student Research Scholarship

Caitlin is a second-year Doctoral student in Psychology at Brock University. She is passionate about establishing research connections within her community and putting scientific findings into practice.
Financial support will allow her to continue to collaborate with community partners and focus her efforts on bridging the gap between scientific and public knowledge.
The overarching goal of her research is to facilitate community integration among disadvantaged populations and advance pathways to care by improving our understanding of underlying neural mechanisms. Caitlin’s doctoral research aims to expand on this.

Esther Lee – Student Research Scholarship

Esther’s Master’s thesis aims to better understand support needs in parents and caregivers of children with Down syndrome. The unique profile of strengths and vulnerabilities of people with DS mean that parents also present with unique support and mental health needs. Esther’s goal is to conduct a needs assessment that would inform the development of a support group, specific to parents and caregivers. The purpose of her study is to better understand parental stress and coping strategies and how these factors may predict support needs. Esther plans to use the scholarship to directly support her thesis work, including honorariums, travel costs to recruitment sites and administration fees associated with the licensing of the psychological instruments.

No successful applications for the Continuing Education Scholarship or Participation Scholarship were received for 2019


Dr. Bruce McCreary Memorial Scholarships

Dr. Bruce McCreary, 1938 – 2017, consulting psychiatrist at Ongwanada and Professor Emeritus of Psychiatry at Queen’s University was a gifted psychiatrist, mentor, scholar and compassionate crusader for people with a developmental disability, their families and caregivers. The intent of this scholarship is to honour Dr. McCreary’s legacy through the support of people in clinical disciplines and academic studies.

The scholarship is $5,000 provided through a collaboration of Ongwanada, the Great Lakes Society (Clinical Services of Ontario) and the OADD in tribute to Dr. McCreary. The Scholarship will be awarded annually to an individual furthering his/her education in a clinical program of study with a focus on developmental disabilities. The funds can be used for tuition, research or general support to the nominee (practicum, living expenses etc.)

Chanelle Salonia

Chanelle is currently enrolled in an accredited PhD program in clinical psychology at Fielding University. She attends Fielding as a mature student, while working and teaching within the field of developmental disabilities.
Chanelle’s research interests involve individuals with IDD, and their families or support professionals and specifically forensic and educational psychology. Chanelle also teaches disability studies through the Griffin Centre and behaviour science through Humber College. Her goal is to become a licensed psychologist with the College of Psychologists of Ontario (CPO) and continue to work in the field, where she will be able to educate and support individuals with IDD and their families, as a licensed psychologist, after completing her doctorate level education.