Awards & Scholarships Guidelines

Association members support promising scholars and reward conscientious professionals with three $1,000 scholarships and six awards. Members nominate their peers and a selection committee presents the awards at our annual conference.

Requirements for the OADD awards and scholarships are outlined below.


Requirements for Hull-Roeher and OADD Awards of Excellence Nominations

  • OADD Membership is not a prerequisite for receiving an award
  • Any member of OADD in good standing may submit a nomination
  • Two other members of OADD in good standing must second the nomination
  • Self-nominations are not permitted
  • Activities of the recipient must have a provincial and / or national and / or international impact
  • No Director or employee of OADD is eligible for the Hull-Roeher Award during his or her time of office or employment

Nominations for the Hull-Roeher and OADD awards must include the following information:

  1. Contact information for person making the nomination, including your professional background.
  2. Names of the OADD members supporting the nomination.
  3. Contact information for the nominee.
  4. The name of the award you are nominating your candidate for, and the reasons for the nomination.
  5. A brief 1-2 page biography.
  6. A list of achievements.


Requirements for Kay Sansom Scholarship Application

An individual must apply for this Award. A CV or resume and a formal letter must be submitted along with letters of reference from two people familiar with the candidate�s work in the field of developmental disabilities, and including the following information:

  1. name, age, address, home community
  2. reason for interest in the field of developmental disabilities
  3. short-term educational and professional goals
  4. previous education related to the field of developmental disabilities
  5. past volunteer or professional experience
  6. specific information on how the scholarship will be used


Requirements for OADD-NADD Ontario Scholarships

Only self-nominations will be accepted. A CV or resume and a formal letter must be submitted outlining the following:

  1. applicants’ name, address and email contact
  2. name of scholarship being applied for
  3. specific information on how the scholarship will be used
  4. any additional information as required by the type of scholarship (see Scholarship overview for details.


Submitting Award Nominations and Scholarship Applications

Nominations and scholarships can be mailed to:

OADD Awards
Surrey Place Centre
2 Surrey Place
Toronto, ON
M5S 2C2

or emailed with all the required information as a single attachment to:
Deadline:  February 1, annually